At Ipswich River Engineering, Inc. we believe that the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the extra client service that we provide to all of our clients, on all their projects.

Ipswich River Engineering, Inc. provides consulting structural engineering services to architects, contractors, project managers, developers and owners.  Ipswich River Engineering, Inc. focuses on providing all its clients with efficient and sound structural engineering designs and solutions, clear and detailed structural drawings, concise reports, unsurpassed client service, outstanding communication with the client and, most importantly, a team approach on all projects to satisfy the needs of our clients on their building projects.

Prior to becoming a structural engineer, the professional career of the President of Ipswich River Engineering, Inc. began in the late 1970's and continued throughout the 1980's in the architectural field at several North Shore architectural firms.  His professional architectural experience has had a great influence in establishing his company philosophy and his development of Ipswich River Engineering, Inc.  His unique combination of experience in the architectural field, engineering education and years of structural engineering experience resulted in the formation of an engineering firm with a unique approach to structural engineering projects that includes a greater understanding of the importance and need for client service, teamwork and communication between the architect, the structural engineer and the other consulting engineers.  This teamwork begins at the start of the feasibility or schematic design phase and continues through the end of the construction services/administration phase of all projects.

Please call (978.739.9135) or email Ipswich River Engineering, Inc. to discuss your project and needs.